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Hello, I'm Manisha

I grew up in Cincinnati

Manisha is a daughter of immigrants and moved to Cincinnati when she was two years old. She graduated from Lakota High School and went to the University of Cincinnati for her undergraduate degree. She spent time in Pittsburgh for law school and Kansas City early in her career, but knew Cincinnati was home and where she wanted to raise her family. 

A career focused on families

Manisha has focused her career and practice on family law. She is entrenched with the Court of Domestic Relations and the laws under which it operates. Manisha has been mediating, negotiating and litigating family law cases in Hamilton County for over 25 years. 

This is not a stepping stone or a change in career for Manisha. She knows how to help families in crisis and knows the changes that need to be made to help make Hamilton County Domestic Relations a better court for Hamilton County residents. 


Making the Family Court "family friendly"

Domestic Relations Court matters to you. 

Everyone knows someone who has been divorced, in a child custody dispute or paying child support. The impact of a domestic relations judge can be life-altering. The first divorce cases I ever did were very personal to me - my best friend and my brother.  I learned quickly the impact a Domestic Relations Judge can have on your family and friends.

I have represented and advised people who are parents, children, wives, husbands, siblings, cousins, aunts and uncles, friends, neighbors, colleagues - all who have needed family law advice or representation. I know that it is important to have someone on the bench who understands that this is one of the hardest things that you will ever go through. When someone is going through a divorce, there is no aspect of their life that remains unchanged. Whether it is where they will be living, whether they will spend the next holiday without their children, or whether they will need to rejoin the workforce. 

There are only 3 Judges in Hamilton County DR Court and they are responsible for making ALL the decisions for Hamilton County residents regarding child support, child custody, parenting time, spousal support, divorce settlements and protection orders for victims of domestic violence. They are the ones making decisions about YOUR daily life. Everyone cares about families and everyone cares about the safety of children, but not everyone knows the ins and outs of family law. It is imperative that the person tasked with decision-making authority has the knowledge, experience and qualifications to make equitable and legally sound decisions for your family. 

By voting for Manisha Kotian, you will have someone on the bench that is qualified and experienced, and most importantly cares for the people in her courtroom.
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